BTL Emtone is a noninvasive, FDA-approved cellulite treatment that works by simultaneously emitting a combination of radio frequency and targeted pressure energy, reducing the appearance of cellulite dimples. By combining them, they create a synergistic effect neither technology can produce on its own.

Emtone treats all five causes of cellulite dimples: loss of skin elasticity due to deteriorating elastin and collagen fibers, enlarged fat chambers, metabolic waste retention, poor blood flow, and fibrous bands (septae) pull down the skin, causing fat to bulge. Emtone can be used on both the lower and upper body. Cellulite and skin laxity in the buttocks, thighs, and knees are treated with bulk heating, resulting in collagen growth and skin tightening. Emtone’s simultaneous radiofrequency and targeted pressure energies can also treat skin laxity in the upper arms.Consultation is required.

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Emtone improves skin laxity, typically in people in their 30s or 50s. Patients with a relatively high level of skin elasticity or "spring back" respond to treatment more readily. Younger patients may respond more dramatically to Emtone. The results of a procedure on patients with poor skin texture may be less impressive or require more treatments. Emtone may be beneficial for anyone seeking to tighten their skin or reduce stubborn fat without surgery.

Most patients report noticeable improvements to the treated areas after just one treatment. Results usually continue to improve over a few months.

Emtone results are not permanent and periodic maintenance treatments are always recommended. Typically, patients have "touch-up" sessions every 3-12 months, although the frequency is highly dependent on the individual.

Emtone requires no downtime following treatment, unlike many of the other skin tightening and cellulite treatment devices. After treatment, the skin feels warm or pink for a few minutes. Patients can resume normal activities immediately.

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