PDO Thread Lift

PDO Thread Lift
A PDO Thread Lift is performed using specialized threads made of polydioxanone to lift sagging skin and tighten and smooth fine lines. We utilize two types of PDO threads: lifting and smoothing. Specialized lifting threads are inserted artistically into the layer of the skin and produce three effects:
  • Instant skin lifting through mechanical effects,
  • Cellular skin renewal through neovascularization and collagen stimulation to improve fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture.
  • Skin tightening by approximating (bringing closer together) tissues.


Specialized smoothing threads are artistically placed more superficially into the skin and produce a smoothing effect on the skin by providing a foundation for new collagen production. You can also use smoothing threads to define the borders of areas of the face, such as the lips. Commonly these smooth threads will be placed in a “hashtag” formation creating a mesh under the skin that can instantly provide some improvement to the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by providing a lifting and filling effect. A process called hydrolysis causes threads to disappear after approximately six months.
PDO Thread Lifts are non-surgical and minimally invasive. Thread lift is considered a middle ground between surgery and fillers. There are no incisions or visible scars. A medical-grade thread is inserted under the skin to target the area of lifting. The thread lifts the area and begins collagen renewal, resulting in plumper, youthful-looking skin. PDO Thread Lifts are generally painless. Numbing is used, so you can leave the clinic after the procedure with minimal swelling that only lasts a few days. In order for the thread lift to work fully, collagen and elastin must build for three to six months. Puckering may occur but is rare and is a minor complication that resolves itself in a few days. PDO Thread Lift goes well with fillers and botox and is a great minimal downtime non-surgical facelift. 

A face contoured with PDO Threads retains its young and tight skin for up to two years due to the cellular rejuvenation effects. PDO thread treatments are safe and effective and will leave you with firmer, less wrinkled skin. When used by highly trained practitioners, PDO threads have been used in medicine and surgery for many years. 

At FIERCE, we utilize MINT PDO Threads, the only PDO thread FDA-approved for nasolabial fold (NLF) depth reduction. 

The Treatment

Lifting Threads

 FIERCE Signature Brow Lift (Cat Eye)-$1,200

Face Lift Package-Mini $2,200

Face Lift Package-Full $3,200

Jowl/Neck Jawline Lift-$1,800

Nose Thread Lift

Smooth Package-small session: $500; pkg $1500/4 sessions

Smooth Package-medium session: $800; pkg $2400/4 sessions

Smooth Package-large session: $1200; pkg $3600/4 sessions


PDO thread lifts are non-surgical facelifts in which the facial skin is lifted and tightened using Polydioxanone (PDO) threads.
In most cases, the best results will occur within two to three months after a PDO thread lift. In most cases, the best results will occur within two to three months after a PDO thread lift.
PDO threads can last up to two years, but the results may vary.
You may have some minor discomfort following a thread lift procedure. Following your procedure, you may resume normal activities, but you should avoid strenuous physical activity for 24 hours.
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