Permanent Makeup

Permanent Makeup

The benefits of permanent makeup include giving you a polished look without applying makeup regularly. At Fierce Aesthetics Medspa, we provide high-quality permanent makeup services using the latest treatments and techniques. Permanent makeup allows you to have a flawless complexion without ever picking up a single cosmetic product. Get ready without applying makeup in a flash!

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Lip Blushing


Lip Blush is all about enhancing your beauty in a subtle yet super vibrant way! Lip Blush is a tattoo for your lips, giving you a soft watercolor look, resulting in a more youthful appearance!

Combo Brows


Combo brows blend both hair strokes and shading into one blended outcome. First, microblading is done, followed by a soft diluted version of the color to fill the space between strokes. This creates a fuller and slightly more pigmented brow than can be achieved with just microblading alone.

Powder Brows


Powder brow is done by using a small machine that gently inserts pigment into the skin, leaving a soft, misty brow. No hair strokes are placed, the brow is fully covered with a light color, and a small amount of pigment is added at the start of the brow for a soft appearance. This brow mimics a soft pretty light makeup fill.

MIcroblading Brows


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This brow technique makes tiny little lines in the skin with a hand tool and ink, resulting in an eyebrow tattoo that mimics hair strokes. This is a more natural subtle look.

Microblading Brow Touch Up 18 Months


After about 18 months, our original brow tattooing starts to fade, and we need to be refreshed. Microblading touch-up involves making tiny little lines (hair strokes) in the skin with a hand tool and ink, resulting in a refreshed eyebrow.

Lip Blush Touch Up Within 18 Months


Combo Brow Touch Up 6 Months


Add $75 for powder, or combo brow touch up

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