Emsculpt NEO: The Game Changer in Body Sculpting

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Once you find a body contouring option to help you attain the desired results, the next step is learning what you must do to maintain them. In conjunction with a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, and a well-balanced diet, many nonsurgical body sculpting techniques can be long-lasting.

At Fierce Aesthetics Med Spa – 365 Beauty, we are pleased to provide the groundbreaking Emsculpt Neo system for muscle toning and fat removal. Continue reading to learn how this treatment works and how long your newly enhanced figure may be expected to persist based on your food and workout routines!

What is EmSculpt Neo?

Emsculpt Neo is a non-invasive body contouring therapy that simultaneously eliminates fat and builds muscle in a 30-minute session. It continues the heritage of its predecessor, Emsculpt, by generating radiofrequency and intense electromagnetic energies concurrently.

The overall result is more significant fat loss and muscle growth at a lower cost and less time. Indeed, you’ll get the best results that you always wish to aim for your body.

Emsculpt Neo works in the most usual ways and is applicable to perform in the Abdomen, Buttocks, Arms & Calves.

How Does The Emsculpt Neo Function?

Combining the two distinct forms of energy, EmSculpt Neo produces outstanding results. Using the same technique as Emsculpt – high intensity focused electromagnetic technology (HIFEMTM) energy – EmSculpt Neo induces fast muscular contractions that strengthen and tone muscle fibers.

Similarly, radiofrequency (RF) energy boosts muscle temperature by a few degrees to prepare them for contraction – just as you would normally undertake a warmup exercise before engaging in strenuous physical activity.

The temperature of fat cells is also elevated. After a few minutes, the temperature in these fat cells increases enough to break them down, allowing them to be digested and expelled by the body’s normal waste elimination processes.

This is permanent fat reduction, which means you can maintain your therapy outcomes if you do not gain weight.

The Difference Between Emsculpt & Emsculpt Neo

​​​​​​​In the past ten years, body sculpting has become a worldwide phenomenon. This phrase refers to non-invasive therapies intended to reduce areas of resistant body fat to contour the body and make it appear thinner.

Several therapies can accomplish this, including EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo, an updated form of EmSculpt. Here is all you need to know about these potent and transforming therapies that can help you attain your ideal physique.

Here are the principal distinctions between EmSculpt and EmSculpt Neo

  • This combination of approaches allows EmSculpt Neo to grow muscle mass by a stunning 25%, compared to only 16% with standard EmSculpt.
  • RF radiation enhances the efficacy of EmSculpt Neo by accelerating fat loss by up to 30% each session.
  • EmSculpt Neo causes permanent fat loss that you can maintain continuously.

What Results Can You Expect?

Many patients report noticing an improvement following their initial EMSculpt session. A complete regimen typically comprises four treatments administered over two to three weeks. Patients may continue to improve for up to six months following treatment.

How Long is EmSculpt Neo Effective?

On average, patients can typically enjoy their Emsculpt outcomes for six months or longer. Patients must maintain a balanced diet and exercise routine and receive periodic follow-up treatments.

Does Emsculpt Neo Works?

This combination of approaches allows EmSculpt Neo to grow muscle mass by a stunning 25%, compared to only 16% with standard EmSculpt. RF radiation enhances the efficacy of EmSculpt NEO by causing up to 30% fat loss throughout each session.

Who’s The Ideal Candidate?

Except for those with a BMI more than 35, the majority of individuals qualify for the treatment. Since Emsculpt Neo employs magnetic muscle stimulation, patients with metal near the treatment area should not be treated. For instance, certain IUDs contain copper that you must remove before buttocks treatment.

Is it Painful?

The brief response is that it’s not that horrible. For others, the sensation of a forceful muscle contraction might be unpleasant.

However, the majority of patients find it comfortable at 100% intensity. Suppose you’ve never had a treatment before. In that case, the most efficient strategy to minimize discomfort is to begin with, a lower setting and gradually increase it.

How Many Sessions Do You Need?

For optimal results, we typically recommend six sessions spaced one week apart. Patients have the choice to complete more or fewer sessions. However, the majority completed six. If you so want, you have the option of performing maintenance treatments at your convenience following the completion of the therapy.

Remember that, like with anything in life, upkeep is the key to a lasting result. You may opt for more Emsculpt Neo treatments, independent maintenance, or a combination of the two.

Pre-Care Treatment

It would be best if you arrived adequately hydrated. As with any other physical exercise, a dehydrated body will be less capable of optimizing treatment. Afterward, it is crucial not to gain weight, as this can nullify the benefits. Results depend on both what occurs during treatment and between sessions.

Why Choose Emsculpt NEO?

Emsculpt Neo performs three functions: it tones the muscles, eliminates fat cells, and slightly tightens the skin. It is a versatile therapy. However, its primary objective is to enhance muscle definition.

Emsculpt’s primary objective is toning and strengthening the muscles themselves while tightening the skin and lowering the fat layer on the power can aid in achieving this goal.

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It is the ideal opportunity to get Emsculpt Neo if you believe it will help you achieve your aesthetic objectives. Please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Fierce Aesthetics Med Spa – 365 Beauty to schedule your initial consultation.

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